Name Tag Order Form


**Note: Strictly for the following schools only: 

1. Casuarina Primary School (CAPS)

2. Frontier Primary School (FPS)

3. Tanjong Katong Primary School (TKPS)

4. Temasek Primary School (TMPS)

5. Unity Primary School (UPS)
6. West Grove Primary School (WGPS)


For all other schools, kindly check with the school bookshop for the ordering of the name tag.

To place an order for name tags, kindly submit either a hard copy form or the following online form. 

I.e., if you have submitted a hard copy name tag form, please do not submit the following online form. 

If you are opting for this online form, please note the following:

  1. Kindly ensure that payment has been made on your end before filling in and submitting this online name tag order.

  2. For name tag ordering WITHOUT uniforms/other items, you can make payment directly via PayNow and indicate "Name Tag Name - School" in the reference. (E.g. JAY TAN - TMPS") and submit your name tag order at the link below. You DO NOT need to place an online order via the website, you can directly make payment via PayNow for name tags only.

  3. Please ensure all fields in this order form are filled inaccurately.

  4. Each form submission is meant for one student only (i.e. if you have 2 children, kindly submit 2 separate forms).

  5. Please ensure that the correct name tag colour is selected in the order form (the colour is dependent on your child's level and the colour of the name tag will NOT change throughout the years in the school).

  6. The vendor will not be held responsible for any error in spelling or wrong colour selection by the parents.

Kindly proceed to the form link here or scan the QR code to place your order once you have made your payment.

Name Tag Form 2020_2021 QR Code.png