Queenstown Primary School

If you would like to purchase your uniform in school, kindly read through this section and make your appointment. To prevent overcrowding, there is a limited number of people who can go to school each day. Please adhere to the timeslot that you have selected. Kindly stick to all safe distancing rules when you go to the school.

Do take note of the following when making your purchase in the school:

  1. Make an appointment for a preferred timeslot to head down for your purchase at least 2 days in advanced.

  2. Check your timeslot and be on time.

  3. To enable all parents to be able to purchase the uniform. Kindly only book 1 slot at a time.

  4. Remember to bring your child's measurements along so that transaction can take place within 20 minutes.

    • Do note that no trying of uniforms are allowed ​due to the current pandemic.

    • You can refer to our buying guide for tips on how to get your child's measurements at home, else you can bring a top and bottom that fits your child well.

  5. Bring along sufficient cash as only cash payments are accepted for physical purchases. 

For General Sales: Please click here to book your preferred timeslot.