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About Us

My Uniform Shop (Asia) Pte Ltd is a leading manufacturer, supplier and retailer for uniforms, with subsidiaries in the apparel industry under various brand names. We are dedicated and committed to provide quality, creative and competitively priced uniform wear.


Our Story

My Uniform Shop (MUS) was formed with the belief in providing practical and comfortable uniform wear that will be well-liked by all ages. Being an in-house manufacturer with factories and facilities located just an hour away from Singapore, we are able to ensure the timely delivery of our products and its quality at all time throughout the year.

MUS has been delivering high quality uniform at its retail store and sales in schools for the past years. As MUS grows in the industry, we aim to further elevate our service levels. We want to create a more convenient uniform purchase process to you and hence you are now able to order uniform in the comfort of your own home!

MUS has and will continue to strive to bring you the highest quality products for you and your child.

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