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For School Uniform, please note: 

  1. If you want to purchase at the retail outlet, kindly call us during our operating hours to check for stock availability. Please wear thin clothing if you want to try the uniform, as only wearing the uniform on top of your clothing is allowed. No changing room. CLICK HERE for operating hours@ Retail Outlet Bedok.

  2. We strongly encourage you to make your purchase at your respective schools to avoid the large crowd at the retail outlet. Please refer to the booklist dates and timing. We are expecting waiting time to vary from 1 - 3 hours. More stocks are available at the school rather than at retail outlets. CLICK HERE for operating hours in SCHOOL.

  3. We are constantly updating our stock inventory for items that have reached us. For items, you cannot select, kindly wait patiently for items to be in stock. We aim to bring in all items as soon as possible.

  4. All home delivery orders take 10-14 working days.

  5. FOR NAME TAG: Name tags will be mailed out via normal mail. Kindly check your letterbox. Please allow 4 to 5 weeks to produce name tags. Name tags that are ordered during the year-end (Nov to Mid-Feb); name tags may take about 6 to 8 weeks. We will process your name tag order as long as you submit the form. For those name tags that are not paid, we will still proceed with the order and ask you to make payment when it's ready. If you have made payment when you submitted the name tag order, we will mail it out directly when the name tag is ready. If you do not receive it after the stated duration of 8 weeks, kindly email us. * Please note that name tag orders submitted through the form will not be reflected in your account. You will NOT receive any email on your submission. 

Welcome to My Uniform Shop

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Purchase Online Now

You can now purchase your school uniform online. 

Where to Purchase Your School Uniform

You can purchase your school uniform at:

1) Your School (Weekly/Monthly School Sales)

2) Your School Bookshop 

3) Our Retail outlet, conveniently located beside Bedok MRT Station, above Sheng Siong Supermarket

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